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Saving lives through education, advances in treatment and finding a cure for Barth syndrome

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Barth Syndrome Trust image


Research Grant Program

Since 2002, BSF and its affiliates have awarded a total of US $6.4 million through research grants and catalysed over $33 million in funding from other agencies to advance global scientific discoveries to find new treatments to end the suffering and loss of life from Barth syndrome.


Application Types:

  • Idea, US $50,000 maximum Total Cost, 1-2 years in duration. Idea applications are well-suited for basic research/discovery science applications and have a lower threshold for the amount of preliminary data required compared to Development applications.
  • Development, US $100,000 maximum Total Cost, 2-3 years in duration. Development applications have a higher threshold of preliminary data and are ideally suited for proposals with clear implications for therapeutic development.

Please visit the BSF website for more information.

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Are you a researcher interested in  Barth syndrome?

If you are, please visit our webpage for more information about how to apply.



Barth Syndrome Trust graphic
Barth Syndrome Trust graphic
Barth Syndrome Trust graphic