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When you’re ready, please contact us either by phone or by email as there are a wealth of services and information that are available to members only (membership is free) and that are not on any website. Examples include:

  • Private WhatsApp group for UK families as well as international app for all families where families can share experience and support
  • News blasts
  • Access to Specialised Clinics and Family Days
  • The opportunity to add your experiences to our global registry so that we can better study this rare condition to help us find treatments and a cure
  • A friendly voice at the end of the phone to talk things over
  • Referral to a private counsellor for a course of sessions

Please contact us for further information. Membership is free and you are welcome at any time to choose the level of information and support you need without any pressure.


A personal message from Michaela Damin, mother and Chief Executive


I hope that you’ll get in touch with us soon. The rarity of this condition means that everyone has some vital information that can be shared; information that may one day lead to the breakthrough we seek.


As a mother of a young man with Barth syndrome, I know that one of the main reasons he’s doing so well today is because he and I have access to this international group of families and doctors who are there to answer our questions and help us. It took me a while before I was ready to reach out and talk to other parents, mostly because I was afraid of what I might hear. That was back when my son was a toddler. 


Our son is enrolled in the International Registry and feels a great sense of satisfaction in playing an active part in helping research. He has made lifelong friends with other people with Barth syndrome who ”just get it” and our whole family always looks forward to the Clinic and Family Days where we can combine expert medical care with a sense of friendship and fun.


We’ve worked hard to create a new model of care for our affected families, one where the patient and the family stand at the centre and where quality of life and holistic care are valued. 


Welcome to our group.


Michaela Damin



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Join our group on your own terms with as little or as much contact as you prefer.


We need each other - it's only by sharing our knowledge that we will one day find a cure for all our boys and young men.


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Barth Syndrome Trust graphic
Barth Syndrome Trust graphic

"Our son is often treated as a cardiac baby, instead of a baby with Barth syndrome. Having others who both understand and can pass on hints and tips on living with Barth has been amazing. It’s also been reassuring to see older children with the syndrome."

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