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Saving lives through education, advances in treatment and finding a cure for Barth syndrome

Barth Syndrome Trust image

Barth Syndrome Trust image


Get involved by becoming a donor, volunteer or friend

We always need your donations and help to enable us to:

  • Save the lives of individuals affected by Barth syndrome 
  • Provide a caring and informed community for families affected by 

    Barth syndrome

  • Support research into treatments, cause(s) and a cure.

Donors, volunteers, and friends often say how much satisfaction and enjoyment they get from being part of our community; contributing existing skills, learning new ones and finding others. 


There are many different ways you can help.  We are entirely dependent on donors of time and money to help us fundraise, do the administration and accounts, train new volunteers, work to raise awareness of the disorder, improve healthcare and provide a caring community. 


There is also IT support, website design and preparing publications.  You may help in any of these activities.  We value whatever you do or give, which will make a real difference to our work.

Barth Syndrome Trust graphic

Collection Boxes

It's easy to start fundraising - just take a few of our collection boxes for display in your office, local shop or pub.


We can supply you with everything you need to start collecting - thank you!

Barth Syndrome Trust graphic
Barth Syndrome Trust graphic
Barth Syndrome Trust graphic